Caravan holidays
from a golden age

Escape into an old-fashioned world of ancient landscapes, babbling brooks, distant moorland, thatched cottages, steam trains and other memories of the past. You have stepped back in time to an antique holiday destination: Orchard Mill, (close to Exmoor and the resorts of North Devon and Somerset) where the mill wheel ground its corn for over 200 years.

Decodays Holidays provides unique holiday breaks. Re-live the 1930s in one of our carefully restored caravans beside meandering streams in the historic ground of the Wyndham Estate. We have two 1930s vans and one from the 1950s – choose the style you like.

1932 Bertram Hutchins – A rare caravan in Tudorbethan style, polished oak with fitted cupboards, shelves and a small wardrobe. For two people: a small double bed or two large singles.

1932/5 ‘Angela’ – In the style of a latticed window cottage on wheels, it has a lantern style roof and is made from aluminium. Inside it still has its pine dresser and original stove and is cosily wallpapered in chintzy flowers and leaves. For two people + child.

1955 Willoughby ‘Vogue’ (in preparation, ring for details) – the first all fibreglass streamlined caravan. It has many futuristic design features such as built in water tanks, electric lighting, winding windows and beds at each end. For two to three people.

Plus… 2009 ‘The Pod’ - If you like getting out and about at the weekend rent one of our streamlined ‘Pod Caravans’. A new concept for touring, this 2 berth micro caravan is fitted with cupboards and kitchen but is still light e
nough to be towed by smaller vehicles

Please contact Patrick Cook for availability and prices on:
01984 632133 or 07789 917133

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